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Domestic Air Conditioning

Russell Air are your local air conditioning installation experts in domestic homes, in the Whitsunday and Brisbane regions. We can supply a wide variety of air conditioning brands and types at your request and with our buying power you will be pleasantly surprised with our competitive prices. Russell Air is ready to discuss and advise the type and size of air conditioning systems that would best suit the needs of your specific home, with personal consideration always given to the customers requirements and intended system usage.

If you have already purchased an Air Conditioner from a retailer we can also provide a competitive quote for full installation of your new Air Conditioner including all electrical connections.

Single wall hung split system units are the most popular choice when the area that requires cooling is well defined (e.g. ‘bedroom 1′, ‘bedroom 2′, ‘media room’ or ‘lounge’). Single wall hung split system air conditioners are a very cost effective option to cool one, two or multiple areas of your property. These systems are area specific and are generally regarded as the most popular and cost effective form of air conditioning.

As a specialist air conditioning installation business, Russell Air can provide guidance on how and where the indoor and outdoor units should be located, to ensure maximum system efficiency, minimal running cost and best aesthetic appeal.

Reverse cycle (heating and cooling) air conditioners offer the great advantage of being able to keep you cool during the long hot Queensland summers, plus heat your home in winter. Unlike other traditional forms of heating, reverse cycle air conditioners can warm your home faster and more efficiently.

Ducted air conditioning is regarded as our top of the range solution. Ducted air conditioning systems are used to allow conditioned air to be circulated to multiple rooms at once.

Russell Air are experts in ducted air conditioning installation in the Whitsunday and Brisbane regions and can provide good, clear honest advice and recommendations on which ducted system would best suit your needs. With new ducted systems, it is very important that the design of the system is correct, with due consideration given to the size of the rooms to air condition, the heat loads of the rooms and the number and layout of the rooms.

At Russell Air, our written recommendations and quotations for new ducted air conditioning systems consider all relevant aspects, such as the size of system required, the number of outlets, the size of outlets, plus the number and configuration of separately controlled zones. Installing a new ducted air conditioning system is recognized as a sizable financial investment in your home or business and therefore it is important that you choose an experienced installer, such as Russell Air. Give yourselves peace of mind and contact Russell Air for your new quality ducted air conditioning system.

Ducted air conditioning tends to be more expensive compared to single split system air conditioners, so here are some factors that you should consider when making this choice:

  • Ducted air conditioning is a good option, when you want to cool multiple rooms at the same time
  • Ducted air conditioning uses both inverter technology and reverse cycle operations
  • Ducted air conditioning is a neater visual solution, with unobtrusive diffuser vents in the ceiling, only one outdoor compressor unit and small control panels located on the internal wall
  • Ducted air conditioning is generally quieter as the compressor and fans are located away from each of the rooms, unlike a split system where the fan is located in each room
  • Ducted air conditioning disperses the air throughout the room from ceiling vents, which means that the conditioned air falls and circulates, whereas single split systems can often blow cold air directly onto you
  • Ducted air conditioning may be more energy efficient if cooling several rooms at once, as only one compressor is being used not several
  • Ducted air conditioning can generally only be installed in buildings which are single story, or for the upstairs part of a 2 story property. In addition, there must be sufficient roof cavity space available to house all the equipment required for a new ducted air conditioning system (e.g.flat roofs are not compatible with ducted installations)
  • At Russell Air, we offer high quality and affordable ducted systems, a process that begins with meeting you on site to discuss your requirements and assessing the layout of your property, through to providing a detailed written recommendation and full written quotation, through to professional implementation of your new system. Through to providing a 5 year warranty on both the new system and our installation work

Multi split system models feature an innovative design that allows several indoor units, regardless of capacity or type to be connected to a single outdoor unit. This allows you to select the most suitable model for any type of room and make the best use of available space. By reducing the number of outdoor units necessary, the multi-split system enhances exterior aesthetics and lets you add indoor units at any time more economically while facilitating installation.

These systems provide the best solution when there is limited space for outdoor units (e.g. in a townhouse or a unit) or where there is insufficient roof space for a ducted system.

If you are building a new home in the Whitsunday or Brisbane regions, then there is a strong likelihood that you will require some form of air conditioning. At Russell Air, we can help you through the process of designing and selecting the right type of air conditioning system for your new home. For new residential properties, the main choices for air conditioning are ducted systems, multi head systems and single split systems. The vast majority of our customers who are building new homes choose ducted air conditioning. New ducted air conditioning systems are a popular choice because they cover all living and sleeping areas and are very neat solutions, with just one outdoor condensing unit.

We have worked with many builders over the years and have had many positive experiences. For example, if your new home will have more than one level, and you want to have ducted air conditioning throughout, then you must ensure that provision is made for ducted vents to be installed during the building process. Specifically, we need to arrange for a technician to visit the site as soon as the frame is up and meet with yourselves and the Building Supervisor. At this stage, we want to agree on what type and size of system we are installing, how many outlets are being installed, the size of the outlets, the areas to be zoned, where the ducted droppers will be located, how many control pads will be installed, where the control pads will be located and where the outdoor condensing unit will be situated.

Following this visit, and based on these on-site discussions, we will prepare a full detailed, written quotation for you. If Russell Air is your selected air conditioning installer, we then offer your builder copies of our Qbcc, Arctick, WorkCover, Liability Insurance and Health and Safety Procedures. We always provide information in a timely manner to ensure that unnecessary hold-ups are prevented.

During the build process, we then liaise with your builder to attend the site to install the indoor fan coil, droppers, ducting and controls we then return again near house completion to commission the system and show you how to operate it.

We only install quality air conditioning systems such as Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin and Actron Air. We stand behind the quality of our work and offer a 5 year warranty on new installation work. In addition, all the new systems that we supply come with a 5 year manufacturer warranty. Therefore in total, you get a very comprehensive 5 year warranty on your new air conditioning system.

Call us today to discuss your new homes air conditioning needs.